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Since the beginning, we’ve always had a theme for the Fringe.

From Art & War in 2005 to The Helpers last year, all 18 editions were curated around urgent issues of the day. This year, we’re trying something new. M1 is proud to present the 19th edition of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival—our first themeless edition—where we ask artists: What do you care about in the world today?

Amidst the current uncertain and volatile environment, art can inspire and offer hope. Artists who responded to the open call were keen to explore a new world. From biodiversity loss and climate change to rapid technological advancements and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), the works submitted offer new perspectives as we collectively reframe and process the world we live in.

This year’s Fringe brings you bold performances that span continents, generations and genres. With a thought-provoking line-up of eight in-theatre performances hailing from Switzerland, USA, Australia, South Africa and Singapore, we invite you to navigate this new world—together.

Join us at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2023 from 4th to 15th January 2023.

Petrina Teoh
Assistant General Manager, CSR and Sustainability
M1 Limited

Photo by Yeo Tze Hern

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A young East Asian woman smiling with both hands raised up with palms upwards, showing off the certificates behind her